Why are you doing a blog?

I blame my blog on facebook. I got on facebook as a distraction to pass the time while I was nursing my son Bronson. At first I would just fall asleep while nursing him, which allowed him to fall asleep while nursing, and well, we all know what a bad habit THAT is. So, I started getting out my blackberry and doing status updates to pass the time (and stay awake). I started getting emails and positive feedback about how entertaining my updates were (people must have been really bored at work or something). I had no idea that anyone was even listening, much less cared. As time went on, a few people were requesting me to update my status more often, so I obligued.  Then it just sort of snowballed. As the hormones raged, I had more and more to say and facebook wouldn’t allot me enough characters to say it in my status update. SO, here we are.

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