Mom Knows Best

I have been so into the World Cup. It’s so fun watching with the boys, even little Bronson grabs a snack and sits next to me on the couch for his 3 minute attention span.

Recently, when one of the best players in the world started showing flulike symptons just day before a big game, MAMA came in to save the day.

His mom prepared a garlic based potion, and along with rest, Lionel Messi of Argentina was back on the field for soccer action.

I know a lot of you moms are shaking your head….GARLIC…Duh. Garlic is a regular in my cooking but when my kids get sick, I chop up a fresh clove in their soup. But that’s what we do, moms. When action is needed, we spring into play.

Hats of to Ms. Messi. Would have hated to miss those Argentina

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