My B Loves J’s Bey

Soooo….Bronson is smitten with his namesake.

B is drooling over Bey (Jay-Z’s Bey that is).

It all started with him browsing a couple SI mags I keep. At first I thought he was just looking at the cars and trucks in it. But now, he has recently grown fond of the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I think it has a lot to do with Beyonce being on the cover

I have no idea what my 2 year old gets from gawking at it, but he totes it around like a blankie. He will not leave the house without it, and if you try and take it, you better be prepared to FIGHT!

He may not know his ABC’s, but he can easily say:

Where’s my Beyonce?

I wanna sit on Beyonce’s lap.

I like Beyonce.

I want Beyonce to come out (translation: come out of the magazine and into real life…HIS real life)

I don’t mind though. I love Beyonce. B and B has a nice ring to it. He better watch his back though. Jay-Z might have a bone to pick with him.


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