A Woman’s Guide To College Football

Most of my friends know that when September rolls around, DO NOT CALL ME FOR RELATIONSHIP ADVICE, SPA DATES, SHOPPING TRIPS, OR BEACH EXCURSIONS.

In fact, if the 2-time National BCS Champion LSU Tigers are playing…I’m just gonna turn my phone off.

None of my friends really like college football (hmm…must re-evaluate friendships JK). And none of them get why I love it so much.

I think it all goes back to growing up:

*most of my friends were guys, I was quirky, goofy, and nerdy. We always watched sports together.

*my dad wanted 2 boys, but had 2 girls…however, that didn’t stop him from sharing his love of sports with us

*I went to 3 different colleges (LSU, UGA, and Clemson), 5 if you count 2 year schools.

I was fortunate to experience the pride, tradition, and legacy carried on throughout colleges (tailgating, school rivalries, fight songs, etc). This is part of what makes college fooball so exciting.

The college  guys play with extreme heart and passion and much less ego and attitude as seen in NFL.

If you’ve never been into college football, but  your kids are, it’s time to get on board mommies!!!

Here is some VERY BASIC football info just to get you started. I promise it really is much more exciting than folding laundry and changing diapers…So GET WITH THE PROGRAM!


*2 teams in each game: Home and Visitor (hopefully this is self explanatory…if not, just stop reading now…you are a lost cause)

* 11 players are always on the field for each team

*Offense- the guys with the ball trying to score

*Defense- the guys trying to stop the offense from scoring

*There are 4 15-minute quarters in a game, they are broken into 2 halfs. After the first 2 quarters (1st half), there is a halftime break. This is when the band comes out on the field and everyone usually goes to the bathroom. UNLESS, you are at a HBCU in which the band is typically a greater attraction than the game…this is a whole nother story though. Don’t think the game will only last an hour…factor in timeouts, play challenges, injuries, and general goofing off .

*At the end of 4 quarters, whoever has the most points wins (W) and the other team loses (L). In the event of a tie, the game goes to overtime to determine a winner.

Football is really confusing to me and I generally ignore all the nit-picky boring stuff like downs, yards, penalties, flags, punts…*YAWN*. Here’s the fun stuff in football I love:


*Mascot– a symbol, animal, or person who represents a college team

*Touchdown- the offense scores and gets 6 points

*Extra points- after a touchdown a field goal gets 1 point, or 2 points are earned for a conversion (it’s kinda like a lil baby touchdown where they run or throw it in the end zone).

*Field goal kick- these are actually kinda boring, but a team earns 3 points for one of these and they are normally kicked as opposed to getting a touchdown.

*Interception- an oopsie…a pass thrown to the offense that the other team (defense) catches.

*Fumble- a player goofs up and fumbles/drops the ball. If the defense recovers, they gain control of the ball and put their offense in to try and score.

*Sack- the quarterback is tackled by the defense before he gets rid of the ball


Umm…I’m referring to players on the field

*Quarterback- the guy who leads the offense and distributes the ball. Duh…ok, we have all heard of the QB (it is not a refund)

*Wide Receiver- skinny fast guy who catches the ball for touchdowns

*Running Back- stocky fast guy who runs the ball for touchdowns

*Cornerback- usually the fastest guy on defense, they guard the wide receivers and try and stop them from scoring (shout out to Patrick Peterson, one of my favorite college CBs).

*Defensive End- one of the fastest big guys…he usually rushes the quarterback

*Safety- Farthest on defense from the line of scrimmage. Covers the open field from long passes.

*Punt Returner- guy who catches a punt and tries to get upfield for a touchdown/good field position

Here’s a cute lil chart that gives you a visual of all the positions:


Southeastern Conference (SEC)

*Eastern Division
                South Carolina
*Western Division
                Mississippi St
                Texas A&M
Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) 
*Atlantic Division
                Boston College
                Florida St
                North Carolina St
                Wake Forest
*Coastal Division
                Georgia Tech
                Miami FL
                North Carolina
                Virginia Tech    
Big 10 Conference
*Leaders Division
                Ohio State
                Penn State
*Legends Division
                Michigan St
Big 12 Conference
            Iowa St
            Kansas St
            Oklahoma St
            Texas Tech
Big East Conference
            South Florida
            West Virginia
Conference USA
*East Division
                Central Florida
                East Carolina
                Southern Miss
*West Division
Mid-American Conference
*East Division
                Bowling Green
                Kent St
                Miami OH
                Ohio U.
*West Division
                Ball St
                Central Michigan
                Eastern Michigan
                Northern Illinois
                Western Michigan
Mountain West Conference
            Air Force
            Boise St
            Colorado St
            New Mexico
            San Diego St
Pacific 12 Conference (PAC 12)
*North Division
                Oregon St
                Washington St
*South Division
                Arizona St
                Southern Cal
Sun Belt Conference
            Arkansas St
            Florida Atlantic
            Florida Int'l
            Middle Tennessee St
            North Texas
            Western Kentucky
Western Athletic Conference
            Fresno St
            Louisiana Tech
            New Mexico St
            San José St
            Utah St
Football Bowl Division Independents
            Brigham Young
            Notre Dame

If you wanna watch good football, check out any SEC game.

The SEC has won 6 consecutive BCS titles and will go for their 7th title this year.

Bank on LSU. IJS 🙂

20 Comments on “A Woman’s Guide To College Football”

  1. karen August 22, 2011 at 7:45 AM #

    My husband thanks you!

    • ahotmama August 30, 2012 at 9:47 AM #

      Always happy to help. Hope you’re enjoying college football.

  2. Joe Daddy August 22, 2011 at 7:56 AM #

    This is a great start. I hope you do a follow up with some more of the rules and positions. That will save me time from explaining to my wife. Thanks HM!

    • ahotmama August 30, 2012 at 9:46 AM #

      I probably won’t do a follow up on the rules, there are so many they give me a headache. But I love doing follow ups on how great a season LSU is having!!!!

  3. Footballmama August 22, 2011 at 7:57 AM #

    I have 3 football playing boys so none of this is new to me but great to get the others in the no. One thing, the Pac 12 will kick the SEC butt anyday!!! XOXO

    • ahotmama August 30, 2012 at 9:45 AM #

      Oh, you Pac 12 dreamers are so cute!!! lol Hope your 3 boys are enjoying football.

  4. Trojan August 22, 2011 at 8:04 AM #

    This wasn’t slightly bias or anything. I’m guessing you r a LSU fan? 😉

    • ahotmama August 30, 2012 at 9:44 AM #

      Hahahaha…come on, everyone knows LSU and the SEC ARE college football. 🙂

  5. Benedict Smsith January 31, 2012 at 11:46 PM #

    Thanks to my father who shared with me concerning this web site, this webpage is truly remarkable.


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