What I Learned As A Soccer Coach

BtrophyI’m a soccer mom.

I watch soccer, I played soccer, my kids play soccer.

Now, I can add soccer coach to my mommy resume.

Coaching B’s soccer team was such a dream come true. Bucket list check!

It was B’s 1st soccer experience and we made it a family affair. Not only was I his head coach, Mo was the assistant coach.

We had waaaay more fun than we ever bargained for.

Along with being fun, it was also a great learning experience.

BsoccerThe biggest lesson I learned that I want parents to know is DON’T PUSH YOUR KIDS so young.

So many parents dream of having a superstar athlete (myself included). But come on, at age 4 if they just wanna make mudpies and pick grass during the game, Little Jerome’s chances of a full athletic scholarship probably won’t be hindered.

It’s great to expose your kids to a variety of developmental activities, but if they don’t take to sports immediately, don’t fret.

Baby Beckham might come back to it later, like Mo did. He had ZERO interest in soccer ages 3-5. Initially, I was annoyed and envisioned a whole crop of kids super ceding him in soccer skills as he played freeze tag w/his imaginary friend during games.

A few years later, Mo found his inner Messi and has been unstoppable in soccer ever since.

Don’t let YOUR competitive spirit or desire to play sports ruin your child’s experience.

If your child didn’t want to color, play the violin, or build blocks would you get upset or push them?

I look at sports at an early age like pre-school. Let them have fun, explore, and enjoy themselves. There are MANY years ahead to grow and get serious.



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