Birthday Dinner At Ko Restaurant

IMG_20130325_192920It was a lovely coincidence that my birthday fell on Spring Break.

While hanging in Maui with the boys I kept my celebration simple, a fun day in the sand with Mo and B then dinner at Ko Restaurant at the Fairmont Kea Lani.

Being with my kids was the brightest part of my day but a hearty fresh meal is the the icing on the cake cake cake cake…

The open air seating and pool/sunset/ocean views at Ko are as amazing as the sugarcane plantation era inspired menu. The fresh produce, meat, and seafood are all local items from Maui.

KoNothing like a laid back relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a great meal.

The boys were immediately entertained by the kids activity booklet and crayons. A quick glance at the kid menu and they decided on hot dogs and smoothies.

My palette was ready to dine on some local Maui cuisine. The fresh catch of the day was Mahi Mahi and Monchong. Since Monchong is a mild white fish only found in Hawaii, that was my choice, and it was yummy.

Chef Tylun Pang and his staff prepared it with a macadamia nut crust w/tomato ginger butter and mashed Molokai sweet potatoes. Who knew Hawaiian sweet potatoes were purple?! That’s always a winner with me.

IMG_20130325_193213Good thing I saved room for dessert. Ko offered me a free dessert for my birthday. Bronson helped me eat pick out Plantation Pineapple Cake. It was caramelized pineapple buttermilk cake (with a birthday candle of course).

I love how Ko went out of their way to make the evening special for us. They didn’t even wince when B accidentally broke a plate. Hey it happens when you’re serious about coloring.

Nor did anyone seem to mind when Mo fell asleep (mouth wide open) at the dinner table. That’s a sign of a good meal, right?

The best part of Ko was that when we were done, we only had to walk a few feet to back in the comfort of our room.

Well, minus the part about Mo falling asleep (again) while waiting for the elevator.

Nothing like starting another year with family and food!


I loooove dressing the boys matchy match


We all started with an umbrella drink. Lava Flow mocktail for me.


Mo had a strawberry banana smoothie.


B went for a fresh pineapple orange juice.


Pineapple cake for dessert.


Mo asleep at the table.


B and I entertaining ourselves as Mo slept.

IMG_20130325_202634Mo asleep outside the elevator.

2 Comments on “Birthday Dinner At Ko Restaurant”

  1. Grandma Tee April 5, 2013 at 9:58 AM #

    What a wonderful birthday and a life long memory for all of you. Mo must played very hard during the day and is on CA time zone because usually he stays wide awake way pass his bed time. Have many happy returns and so happy for you all.


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