Mo In A Cast For The Third Time

For the third time in a year Mo is in a cast.

The first time he was a good sport about it.  It happened in the Summer which deprived him a little bit of fun but we improvised and found some non sports related activities to do.


The second time, he was DEVASTATED initially.  He was excited to be playing soccer again and looking forward to leading his team into the playoffs.  This injury ended his season early and his team lost every game he sat out.  It gave us an opportunity to talk about a lot of great athletes who rehabbed after an injury and came back even stronger.


This time, he was going strong and happy to be back on the soccer fields and hungry for redemption.  He was having a great undefeated season.  As the team’s leading scorer officials often issued a mercy rule against him due to the high number of goals he scores.  He had emerged as a team leader and a fierce competitor.


He’s looking at 6-12 weeks in a cast.

I can’t believe his positive attitude.  Despite a season ending soccer injury (AGAIN), being unable to play basketball in the Fall, and having to take a shower with a plastic bag on his foot for the next few months he is incredibly upbeat.

His resilience inspires me.  Mo’s strength is invincible.  He definitely has a heart of a Champion.

So….the next few weeks will be filled with a lot of reading, indoor family time, and most likely video games and a little ice cream to sweeten the blow. For me!

I know injuries are a part of sports, but he’s 9 and he’s my baby.  It’s not easy to watch your child miss out on something he loves.  I’m taking notes from his playbook and will continue to encourage and support him.

3 Comments on “Mo In A Cast For The Third Time”

  1. Tee and Taylor October 8, 2013 at 2:18 PM #

    Aaaaw 😦 He’s a trooper and will come out “running!” 🙂 Send lots of cheer your way Mo — alllll the way from Atlanta, GA! 🙂

    • ahotmama October 8, 2013 at 3:55 PM #

      Thank you Tee and Taylor. He is definitely a good sport all around. Much better than his mom!

  2. Grandma Tee October 8, 2013 at 6:54 PM #

    What a good sport to take the set back like a champion. Hang in there. Hope that you soon will be as good as new. Take good care and know that I am sending you lots of love and positive force to expedite the healing.

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