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Halloween Treat

There are 2 things I suck at: arts/drawing, and craft projects. I have always been terrible in this department. I am artistically challenged. There is no denying it. I think being artsy is part of my brain that didn’t develop. But as a parent, it is imperative to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. […]

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Bowing Down to Judy Robles

As a mom I am always inspired by other moms. I learn from their parenting method, attitude, and journey. I have a great group of mom friends that keep me going. I always love meeting new moms so I can continue to grow. As an athlete, my son is inspired by other athletes. He knows […]

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My Son’s 2 Fave Things In NYC…And My LEAST Fave

The main focus of my NYC trip was to make sure my son had the time of his life. He did. Thanks to F.A.O Schwarz and Dylan’s Candy Bar. If you take the kiddies to NY, these are definitely places you don’t wanna miss! An inviting welcome to F.A.O from perky human toy soldiers Our […]

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What To Do/See In NYC With Kids

Mo and I just took our 1st trip to New York, and boy did we have a great time. We went for a wedding and only had a few days to see the sites. Before we went, I did some research and was overwhelmed with all the things to do and see in the Empire […]

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Chivas USA Soccer Clinic Scores BIG

Chivas USA is doing soccer clinics/camps around Los Angeles. Mo recently attended one and I can’t tell you how impressed I was. Chivas is raising soccer awareness and providing training to kids. The clinic was well worth the $5 price tag. It was well organized, free food and drinks by sponsors, DJ from a local […]

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Why I’m Raising My Son To Be A Nerd

It seems one of the 1st thoughts of many parents of boys is: My son is gonna be an athlete! I’m guilty of it. Come on…I love sports and couldn’t wait to enroll Mo to get the balls rolling. He and I were shooting baskets at the park gym when he was just 16 months, […]

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10 Signs Your Child May Be Gifted

There are 2 things most parents know for certain about their kid: 1. He is THE CUTEST kid on planet Earth 2. My baby is SOOOOO smart Come on…we all do it. LOL Afterall, our kids are perfect in our eyes. Ok, so Little Jerome figures out how to put together the new Ninja Lego […]

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The Help

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is shop sit by the pool and read a good book. I love a good book almost better than a good sale. Getting lost in words is such a great feeling (and a great excuse to ignore the kids. JK) When I heard about Kathryn […]

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Family Karaoke…and Bruno Mars

I’m always looking for fun ways to connect and spend time with my boys. When I heard of family night karaoke at Sardo’s Grille and Lounge, I thought it would be great to try Mo since he recently decided to sing in his school talent show. I know, I know. Kids and bars don’t mix. […]

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The Boys Love Thriller!

When Mo was 3, he became obsessed with a music video. While most toddlers were crooning to the Doodlebops, Wiggles, and Disney Playhouse, Mo was captivated by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This was very strange to me. He grew to love the Thriller video so much that he dressed as the Thriller video werewolf for Halloween. […]

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