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Great Summer Read

Wonder is the debut novel written by mom of 2, R.J. Palacio. It came highly recommended by a few friends. I’ve been trying to excite Mo about reading for quite some time.  I figured reading this together would be a great way to get some QT in and share my love of words with him. […]

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Mo Is 9!

They say every mom gets an easy kid. Well, for me, it wasn’t Mo. Mo was destined to be an only child. He was a terrible sleeper….that alone is enough to make you wanna tie the tubes. Oh, the fond memories of all the sleep routines I tried with that child. I can only look […]

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Friend Diversity

I just finished Mo’s birthday invites. As I reviewed his friend list the diversity of his classmates dawned on me. His invite list looked like a UN summit: Syrian, Russian, Latino, African American, Asian, Arab and Multiracial. At the tail end of his academic year at a new school I realized just how diverse Mo’s […]

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Patrick Peterson Gets Tough Love

I recently talked about how I withheld Mo from a weekend of soccer due to unacceptable grades. I got mixed feedback for doing this. Some parents thought I was being over the top for disciplining my 8 year old, while others said they understood. When I heard Patrick Peterson’s story, it made me smile. Former […]

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Tough Love

Growing up good grades weren’t rewarded, they were expected. As a mom now, I feel the same. All excuses from my kids for mediocre school performance are overruled: “My teacher gives too much homework.” “Boys don’t like school like girls do.” “I’m only a kid I just want to have fun.” “My turtle ate my […]

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Birthday Dinner At Ko Restaurant

It was a lovely coincidence that my birthday fell on Spring Break. While hanging in Maui with the boys I kept my celebration simple, a fun day in the sand with Mo and B then dinner at Ko Restaurant at the Fairmont Kea Lani. Being with my kids was the brightest part of my day […]

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Spring Break At The Fairmont Kea Lani

I’ve never taken the boys away for a Spring Break trip. So, for our first rendezvous it was a unanimous vote to head to the beautiful beaches of Maui. (Thanks to a Scooby Doo Wiki Tiki episode Bronson was all in!) I couldn’t wait to get to the Fairmont Kea Lani for the festivities. Having […]

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Bye Bye Cursive Handwriting

I was a good student. The only area I ever had trouble in was Handwriting. Yes, back in the old days we had HANDWRITING on our report cards. No matter how hard I tried, my cursive writing never cut it. I blamed it on the fact that my brain simply worked faster than my writing […]

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Goodnight Ne-Yo and T.I.

People tease me because I keep my kids on a regular schedule. Blame the tight ship on my military father. Or maybe it’s just the anal part of me. I am a regimented person and I like order. Our nightly routine provides balance in our home and it gives me peace of mind because I […]

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We Are Different

Sometimes I feel I push my kids too hard. I expect a lot out of them. Good grades should be the norm. Great manners should be as natural as breathing. Being helpful around the house is expected. Maybe it’s a figment in my mind but I always tell my kids they need to work harder […]

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