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Mo In A Cast For The Third Time

For the third time in a year Mo is in a cast. The first time he was a good sport about it.  It happened in the Summer which deprived him a little bit of fun but we improvised and found some non sports related activities to do. The second time, he was DEVASTATED initially.  He […]

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Real Madrid In Dodger Stadium

When I heard soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo was coming to visit me play soccer in Los Angeles I knew I had to take Mo. Naturally, with his finesse, talent, and swag, Ronaldo is Mo’s favorite soccer player. The International Champions Cup put on a great show in Los Angeles. Real Madrid played against Everton followed by […]

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Dylan Moses- 8th Grade Football Phenom?

As a parent it’s a dream for your child to get offered a college scholarship. The parents of Dylan Moses must be elated.  Their son an 8th grader from Baton Rouge, La has already been offered EIGHT!!! The 6’1″, 215-pound 8th grader is being recruited by some of the top football programs in the nation. […]

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Jada Pinkett Smith Is Bikini Ready!

Who has one of the hottest beach bodies in Hollywood? Hint…she hasn’t dated Justin Bieber, a Jonas Brother, or Twilight cast member. It’s 41 year old mother of 2, Jada Pinkett Smith. Super mommy to Jaden and Willow Smith is definitely A Hot Mama certified. JPS has been repping nicely for the mommies. She was […]

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Summer Swimming Lessons

Warm weather is here! I love taking advantage of the California sun. Long days by the pool with the boys is the best. On our trip to Hawaii B loved hanging out in the pool and wading in the ocean waves, but he wouldn’t swim. It’s not that he COULDN’T swim, he had swimming lessons 2 […]

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Mother’s MAY Challenge

With Summer around the corner, fitness challenges are popping up everywhere. Who are kidding? I’m not gonna sit around doing a gazillion push ups, planks, and pull ups. Pssssh!!!! In honor of Mother’s Day (May 12) I thought it would be fun to do a Mom Challenge for May. Some are easier than others, but […]

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Patrick Peterson Gets Tough Love

I recently talked about how I withheld Mo from a weekend of soccer due to unacceptable grades. I got mixed feedback for doing this. Some parents thought I was being over the top for disciplining my 8 year old, while others said they understood. When I heard Patrick Peterson’s story, it made me smile. Former […]

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Leave Pregnant Kim Kardashian Alone

I have an issue with people criticizing pregnancy weight gain. Women are hard enough on ourselves when it comes to our figure. I can’t imagine being publicly scrutinized by media and strangers for 9 months. I roll my eyes each time someone chastises Kim Kardashian for pregger pounds. Kim can’t catch a break. It’s all […]

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Tough Love

Growing up good grades weren’t rewarded, they were expected. As a mom now, I feel the same. All excuses from my kids for mediocre school performance are overruled: “My teacher gives too much homework.” “Boys don’t like school like girls do.” “I’m only a kid I just want to have fun.” “My turtle ate my […]

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24 Hour Juice Cleanse

When I came back from vacay I brought an extra ass a few extra pounds with me. It’s not my fault. How could I say no to endless macadamia nut dishes, fresh seafood, and pineapple everything?! In addition to that my body was drained and I had trouble adjusting from the time difference. To combat […]

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