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Kudos to Cheerios Commercial With Biracial Couple

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten teary eyed watching a commercial. Oh wait, there’s that David Beckham one in his H&M undies, but those were tears of joy. After seeing a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial couple and their mixed daughter, I must say it really moved me. Bear with me, I’m menstruating emo right […]

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Bronson Scissorhands

As a parent you know your kids are gonna have moments that shock you. It’s a child’s job, right? When the moment arises though I don’t think we can ever  be prepared. Imagine the horror I felt when I walked out of the bathroom to this: I look over at B and see this: This […]

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Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday…

What do me, Danica Patrick, Juvenile, Elton John, and Sarah Jessica Parker have in common?  Well, in addition to great hair and expensive taste in clothes, we all share the same birthday.  You can see what celebrities were born on the same day as you here.

Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver could have been blasting in the delivery room while my mom was pushing me out.  It was the #1 song on my birthday.  This site lets you see the #1 song for any particular date: your birthday, anniversary, etc.  On the day Morris was born, it was “Let it Burn” by Usher, and my MD was doing the tootsie roll to “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne as she pulled a breeched Bronson out.

If you want to know how old you are in dog years, your birth tree, or when you were concieved (TMI for me) then check out this site.  It will give you a gazillion tidbits regarding the day you were born.  I will sleep much bettr tonight knowing that the Mayan Calendar long count date of my birthday is which is 12 baktun 18 katun 0 tun 12 uinal 7 ki.  

And last but not least, I just might grab some free grub at Black Angus, Captain D’s, Daphne’s Greek Cafe, or Souplantation then hop on over to Baskin Robbins for a free 2.5 scoop of ice cream.  This site shows you all kinds of freebies you can get in your neighborhood or online for your birthday.  The free swag doesn’t stop there.  You can also check out the freebies for your kids and your pet. 

So, don’t be a birthday scrooge on your special day.  These sites will hopefully make getting older (and wiser) just a little bit of fun.

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No Makeup At High School

Students at Plano Senior High in Texas are planning a day of no makeup. It’s called Operation Beautiful. I applaud the inspiration behind it, “The goal for this project is to promote inner beauty and to let girls know it’s not about what’s on the outside but about what’s on the inside, and that’s what makes […]

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2013 Oscars

The 2013 Oscars were kinda a bust for me. The minute I heard Hot Mama Sofia Vergara was hospitalized prior to the show and wouldn’t be rocking the Red Carpet, I should have prepared myself. It all went downhill from there. The E! preshow was terrible. I hate how Hollywood worships a dress simply because […]

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I’m Getting BRAND NEW

The life of a Stay At Home mom can get very redundant. To retain some sort of order, having a daily schedule really helps. Wake up time, bath time, school, playdates, soccer…I run a pretty tight ship. A regular schedule works great for organizational purposes plus kids like the security of knowing what to expect. […]

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First Pictures of Blue Ivy

Wow. Parenthood sure is bringing new parents Beyonce and Jay-Z out of their normally secluded lifestyle. First they announce their pregnancy on the MTV Awards, then Beyonce steps out 1 month post baby. Now, Jay-Z has released pics of baby Blue Ivy on his website. Glory|Life + Times. Next thing you know, we’re gonna all […]

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Hot Mom & Hot Dad Rock Super Bowl

At 53 years old, Madonna Louise Ciccone is older than the Super Bowl. Gospel choir, cartwheels, hot bod Gladiators, drumline, tightrope walker, one armed push ups, M.I.A., Cee Lo, Nicki Minaj and LMFAO….no, I’m not talking about what goes on in my bedroom. This was Madonna’s performance at Super Bowl XLVI (that’s 46 for those of […]

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Golden Globe Dresses 2012

Last year at the Golden Globes, the mommies didn’t quite have it together. This year, THEY SHOWED UP!!!! The mommies rocked the Golden Globe Red Carpet!!!! Here are my top 3 faves: *My top mark goes to mommy of 2, Jessica Alba. She had on the most beautiful lilac purple Gucci dress ( I love that shout out […]

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Celebrity Look Alike

Why do people always wanna find a celebrity look alike for everyone? People always tell me I look like someone in the Hollyweird world. However no comparisons that flattered me enough that I care to repeat. For some reason, strangers always feel the need to approach me and Mo and tell us who they think […]

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