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Every Woman Doesn’t Want Your Man

On a playdate at the park a dad who happened to be an old family friend approached me to say hello.  Out of nowhere in a blink of an eye Alfred from Batman a suspecting woman instantly appeared hovering by his side. His wife. Sucking her teeth, hands on hips she gives me the once […]

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Real Madrid In Dodger Stadium

When I heard soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo was coming to visit me play soccer in Los Angeles I knew I had to take Mo. Naturally, with his finesse, talent, and swag, Ronaldo is Mo’s favorite soccer player. The International Champions Cup put on a great show in Los Angeles. Real Madrid played against Everton followed by […]

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The Royal Baby is Here

Congratulations William and Cate!!! The third heir to the British throne has arrived. It seems like yesterday the world watched the Royal couple get married.  Now we share the excitement of their first born. Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed an 8 pound 6 ounce bundle of joy. Only a royal baby […]

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Alonso Mateo- 5 Year Old Style Icon

Move over Scott Disik, there’s a new style icon on the rise. Five year old Alonso Mateo is taking the Instagram world by storm. Clad in Gucci, Dior, AllSaints, Alexander Wang, and Tom Ford this preschooler has a following of over 29,000 Instagram followers and 5 fan pages. His IG selfies rival a GQ spread. […]

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Hot Daddies who make their child’s future and well being their top priority. Your kids will always love, respect, and appreciate all your efforts. It’s not the gifts you buy or the money you spend that will leave the positive everlasting impact on your child. It’s the intangible things […]

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Don’t Tell Me Happy Father’s Day

Don’t tell me “Happy Father’s Day“. Yes I watch SportsCenter, pee in the shower, and hate changing the empty toilet paper roll but I am not a man. Yes I’ve taught my sons how to throw a ball, kick a ball, catch a ball. Yes I’ve taught my sons to pee standing/sitting/by a tree/behind a […]

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What President Obama Means To My Kids

I remember sitting in Social Studies class learning about the Presidents of the United States. I was so bored. I looked at the picture my teacher was showing and thought, “I can’t really relate to any of these old white haired men”. The only President I felt a remote connection with was a young, charismatic […]

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MLK Rememberance

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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My Dad is 70!

My dad is turning 70 years old today.

Morris said “Grandpa Gus is so cool because he is the oldest person I know. 70 is so close to 100”. But, don’t let the age fool you. My dad still runs 3 miles a day, drinks at least a 6 pack of Bud Light every night, and swears like a gangsta rapper.

We’ll be celebrating in Memphis, TN in the homeland of his favorite singer, Elvis Presley. I probably won’t mention to my dad that Mariah Carey (my favorite singer) recently surpassed “The King” with more #1 singles.

As a child, there were many things my parents did that I didn’t understand or like. However, as a mom,  I can now appreciate these actions and intend to pass them on in some form to my boys. 

1. The value of a dollar– Growing up, I seriously thought we were poor. We weren’t, but I was never “given” anything that I wanted. When I wanted the cool pink Converse, I remember my dad taking me by the Footlocker for many weeks to admire them in the window. I went on a mission to earn money for a month doing extra chores around the house (I even mowed the lawn once, can you imagine?!). Sweet glory, the day I finally marched in that store and didn’t come out empty handed.

2. Working hard– It was understood in our house that once you turned 15 years old you would be getting a job to earn money to buy the little luxuries you desired. But also, I was taught the value of saving money as well. So when I got my very first paycheck from Benetton, my dad drove me straight to Trust Company Bank to open my first Savings account. Thanks to the work ethic my parents instilled in me, I had a steady job from the time I was 15 until I was 30 and had Morris. 

3. The importance of education– Good grades were not rewarded in our house. They were expected. While all of my friends were given $5 per “A” earned on a report card, I got a big hug and a reward dinner at my favorite Chinese Restaurant. But when I graduated with honors from Clemson University, that was reward enough.

4. Unconditional love and positive reinforcement– I did some REALLY dumb things growing up. I know we all do, but man, I am too embarrassed to list them, but I will say no matter how much I ran the phone bill up, how many cavities I got from sneaking too much candy, or how many of my friends called collect from jail, I always knew my mom and dad loved, supported, and believed in me.

5. Committment to family-  My dad was present at every basketball and football game I cheered, no matter how bad the team sucked or if I was on “cheer probation” or not. I could always count on seeing him in the stands even when there was only a handful of fans. I never knew how “important” my dad was at his job because when an event was important to me, he was never tardy or absent. He was always involved in PTA, carpools, after school events, and even shuttled me back and forth to work, the mall, and movies.

My dad is the most intelligent, charitable, honorable, and humble man I know. I must credit him for many of my good traits including my keen appreciation for a potty words, love of farting and burping in public, and the ability to penny pinch. But most of all, I’m a great mom to Morris and Bronson because of the fine example he set as a father.

Many wishes to my dad for a joyous 70th Birthday.

And in honor of my wonderful dad, I will put my vanity aside for your viewing pleasure to enjoy these less than flattering photos. But you can definitely feel the love!


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Single Parent Secrets From NBA Champion Dwyane Wade

There are too many stories about the downfall and negative activity of athletes. So after a read a very positive article in Parenting, I couldn’t wait to share. Basketball fans know Dwyane Wade as a 2 time NBA Champion, 8 time All Star, Miami Heat’s All Time Leader in Scoring & Assists, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Sports […]

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