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Water Park Fun For Only $4!

It’s hard to beat the LA heat.  I found a fun well priced gem just in time. The Santa Clarita Aquatics Center is a great way to stay cool and have family fun.  Admission is $4 per child, $6 for adults. Kids 2 and under are FREE and must wear swim diapers. There are 2 […]

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I Paid $76.95 For A Lunchbox?!

Bronson starts school in a few weeks so I was really excited for him to pick out a new lunchbox. Let’s put into perspective how important a lunchbox is to a kid in kindergarten. Ladies, you know how you start a new job or go out on your 1st GNO and you need that PERFECT […]

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Great Summer Read

Wonder is the debut novel written by mom of 2, R.J. Palacio. It came highly recommended by a few friends. I’ve been trying to excite Mo about reading for quite some time.  I figured reading this together would be a great way to get some QT in and share my love of words with him. […]

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When I think of museums I visualize snooty old people drinking Evian with their pinky out wearing Derby hats. Clearly I was traumatized as a child. After living in LA for 14 years I finally was dragged by a friend decided to step out of my comfort zone and venture somewhere new with B. I […]

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Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday…

What do me, Danica Patrick, Juvenile, Elton John, and Sarah Jessica Parker have in common?  Well, in addition to great hair and expensive taste in clothes, we all share the same birthday.  You can see what celebrities were born on the same day as you here.

Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver could have been blasting in the delivery room while my mom was pushing me out.  It was the #1 song on my birthday.  This site lets you see the #1 song for any particular date: your birthday, anniversary, etc.  On the day Morris was born, it was “Let it Burn” by Usher, and my MD was doing the tootsie roll to “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne as she pulled a breeched Bronson out.

If you want to know how old you are in dog years, your birth tree, or when you were concieved (TMI for me) then check out this site.  It will give you a gazillion tidbits regarding the day you were born.  I will sleep much bettr tonight knowing that the Mayan Calendar long count date of my birthday is which is 12 baktun 18 katun 0 tun 12 uinal 7 ki.  

And last but not least, I just might grab some free grub at Black Angus, Captain D’s, Daphne’s Greek Cafe, or Souplantation then hop on over to Baskin Robbins for a free 2.5 scoop of ice cream.  This site shows you all kinds of freebies you can get in your neighborhood or online for your birthday.  The free swag doesn’t stop there.  You can also check out the freebies for your kids and your pet. 

So, don’t be a birthday scrooge on your special day.  These sites will hopefully make getting older (and wiser) just a little bit of fun.

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Holiday Tipping Guide

With the holidays comes gift giving for our family and friends. But many of us like to include the people who are a part of our daily lives throughout the year. Walletpop did a great list citing Emily Post’s rec, Consumer Reports 2010 tipping survey, as well as their own 2 cents. And of course, […]

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Neiman Marcus At Target

I LOVE how so many elite designers are now offering less expensive lines at chain stores. Recently, I had a field day shopping Narciso Rodriguez and Vera Wang at Kohl’s. I went bananas when Missoni hit Target shelves. Well, next up is the Neiman Marcus gift collection at Target. The retail powerhouses bring together 24 […]

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FREE Apple/Mac Workshop For Kids

Summer is here! Our summer is filled with lazy days, cooking projects, cookouts by the pool, and summer camp. I like to add 1 or 2 fun educational activities too just for a little balance. I found a super cool workshop the Apple stores are offering. Apple products aren’t cheap, so when they offer something […]

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5th Grader Busted For Bracket Pool

I love March! It’s the time for Spring, my birthday, and MARCH MADNESS!!!! March Madness is super fun, even if you’re not a college basketball fan. The key is to do a bracket to help make the 64 games more exciting. This year, I am the Commissioner of a bracket pool. A small group of […]

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Tokidoki (Tattoo) Barbie Rocks

I collect Barbie dolls. I have over 50 Barbies. I am very proud of this. As a young girl growing up, there weren’t many dolls that physically resembled me. Most of them were blonde hair and blue eyes. However, over time Barbie has evolved and now celebrates many different characteristics and beauty in women. I respect and […]

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