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Your Child Deserves More Than Mediocrity

There comes a point in life when you need to garner a sense of accountability.  A time to be liable for your actions.  A time to GROW UP.  The minute you’re responsible for the union of sperm and an egg is a good time. As an adult your child deserves more than mediocrity. Your father […]

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Every Woman Doesn’t Want Your Man

On a playdate at the park a dad who happened to be an old family friend approached me to say hello.  Out of nowhere in a blink of an eye Alfred from Batman a suspecting woman instantly appeared hovering by his side. His wife. Sucking her teeth, hands on hips she gives me the once […]

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Why I Will Never Have A Male OBGYN

Freshly showered…check New underwear…check Legs shaved….check Cute pedi…check Yes, I’m going on a date…to my OBGYN.   Let’s face it ladies, a trip to the OB warrants just as much if not more prep than seeing our Boo.  I even spritzed on perfume. (At $200 a bottle this is only reserved for the privy.) All […]

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How To Enjoy Twitter

Social media is taking over. Tv, movies, brands and celebrities are all turning to social media for promo and entertainment. If you haven’t been bitten by the Twitter bug, it’s not too late. Recently we’ve seen major news stories and current events break on Twitter before it hits the media airwaves. Anytime I feel an […]

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Preschool Graduation…Blah blah blah

My Facebook and Instagram have been inundated with endless cap and gown graduation pics. No, not high school graduation, but PRESCHOOL commencement. Caps, gowns, cakes, certificates, graduation favors, professionally planned celebrations…the whole shebang. I hate to be Debbie Downer, but am I the only who doesn’t  feel the weight of the world hinging on a […]

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Friend Diversity

I just finished Mo’s birthday invites. As I reviewed his friend list the diversity of his classmates dawned on me. His invite list looked like a UN summit: Syrian, Russian, Latino, African American, Asian, Arab and Multiracial. At the tail end of his academic year at a new school I realized just how diverse Mo’s […]

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Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday…

What do me, Danica Patrick, Juvenile, Elton John, and Sarah Jessica Parker have in common?  Well, in addition to great hair and expensive taste in clothes, we all share the same birthday.  You can see what celebrities were born on the same day as you here.

Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver could have been blasting in the delivery room while my mom was pushing me out.  It was the #1 song on my birthday.  This site lets you see the #1 song for any particular date: your birthday, anniversary, etc.  On the day Morris was born, it was “Let it Burn” by Usher, and my MD was doing the tootsie roll to “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne as she pulled a breeched Bronson out.

If you want to know how old you are in dog years, your birth tree, or when you were concieved (TMI for me) then check out this site.  It will give you a gazillion tidbits regarding the day you were born.  I will sleep much bettr tonight knowing that the Mayan Calendar long count date of my birthday is which is 12 baktun 18 katun 0 tun 12 uinal 7 ki.  

And last but not least, I just might grab some free grub at Black Angus, Captain D’s, Daphne’s Greek Cafe, or Souplantation then hop on over to Baskin Robbins for a free 2.5 scoop of ice cream.  This site shows you all kinds of freebies you can get in your neighborhood or online for your birthday.  The free swag doesn’t stop there.  You can also check out the freebies for your kids and your pet. 

So, don’t be a birthday scrooge on your special day.  These sites will hopefully make getting older (and wiser) just a little bit of fun.

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Redshirting For Kindergarten

With Bronson turning 5 this year and starting Kindergarten in the Fall, there has been lots of talk about Redshirting for Kindergarten. The term REDSHIRT comes from athletics. College athletes are redshirted to extend eligibility  in sports by providing an additional year for growth and maturation. They train with the team but do not compete […]

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Don’t Test Me

Kids are constantly testing their boundaries. When they test their boundaries, that usually equates to testing our patience. Sometimes it ends in a lose/lose battle. Ultimately, we wanna keep our cool while our kids walk away learning a valuable lesson. The morning of a big soccer game Mo woke up and dumped a big bucket […]

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Nora’s Playdate Rules

Bronson is a really easy kid. He’s nice, funny, independent, and listens pretty decent for a preschooler. These fine qualities have made him very popular for playdates. He has quickly become a Playdate Kingpin at his school. Playdate requests come flooding in so much that Bronson has taken the liberty of arranging his own social […]

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