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Jada Pinkett Smith Is Bikini Ready!

Who has one of the hottest beach bodies in Hollywood? Hint…she hasn’t dated Justin Bieber, a Jonas Brother, or Twilight cast member. It’s 41 year old mother of 2, Jada Pinkett Smith. Super mommy to Jaden and Willow Smith is definitely A Hot Mama certified. JPS has been repping nicely for the mommies. She was […]

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Clean Your Room Kobe Bryant

No matter how old we get, we all have our room or belongings at our parent’s house. For me, it would include dusty cheerleading trophies, high school love letters, and a Salt N’ Pepa poster. All worthless to most, priceless to me. If you’re talking Kobe Bean Bryant’s old room it’s another story. The 15 […]

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Back to School Mom

Just call me Thornton Mellon. After 15 years I’ve gone back to school. WOW!  Things sure have changed. One of the hardest adaptations for me: ONLINE TEXTBOOKS.  Bleh. When I graduated undergrad pretty much the only people who had a laptop were the same ones who had a private plane. I never would have thought […]

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Real Women Over Disney Princesses

I’m not a fan of the whole Disney Princess thing. Yes, there are a couple good ones, but overall the dressing up in an antebellum gown, pretending to be vulnerable, waiting to be saved by a man…YAWN. I guess it’s good I don’t have girls or that my boys aren’t into princesses (aside from B […]

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Monika Blunder Makeup Tips

I am so not a makeup girl. When I have to doll up it somewhat resembles a 6 year old girl who got into mommy’s makeup. I’ve never bought foundation or eyeshadow. I’m a gloss and mascara kinda girl. Basically, I am cosmetically challenged. Help is here though. Celebrity makeup guru and Hot Mama of […]

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Leave Pregnant Kim Kardashian Alone

I have an issue with people criticizing pregnancy weight gain. Women are hard enough on ourselves when it comes to our figure. I can’t imagine being publicly scrutinized by media and strangers for 9 months. I roll my eyes each time someone chastises Kim Kardashian for pregger pounds. Kim can’t catch a break. It’s all […]

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MBA…Here I Come

Six days before my 39th birthday I got some great news…I’m accepted into the Flores MBA Program at LSU. As I sat on the floor watching Scooby Doo with Bronson I tearfully read my acceptance letter. It was definitely a surreal moment. After all, getting my MBA has been a thought long before Mo and […]

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PACKiT Mini Cooler

Mo and B have pretty much cruised through a year of school with their PACKiT lunchboxes. I am quite pleased they lasted this long, but my fave part is that they don’t have that funky lunchbox smell. The boys and I were super happy when PACKiT sent us 2 Mini Coolers. It has the same […]

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Journey Towards My MBA

Soooo…I told you guys I was in the process of applying to school for my MBA. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and just had to step up and do it. I spent 8 years in the work force, then 8 years being a stay at home mom. Next up, geauxing back to […]

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I’m Going Back To School

I always dreamed of going back to school for my MBA. It just never seemed like the right time:  working full time, marriage, a kid, another kid, divorce, being a stay at home mom….there was always something. I have realized, there will never be a PERFECT time, so I’ve decided to take the steps and […]

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