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Remembering September 11 With The Kids

It’s hard to believe the Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attack is upon us. This event changed our Nation and our World in many ways. It gave new meaning to the term 9-11. Please take a moment to remember the 2996 innocent people who lost their lives: parents, husbands, wives, children, grandchildren & […]

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Strippers at 16 Year Old’s Birthday

Is it me, or are Sweet 16 parties getting out of hand? When I turned 16, we’d get together for a sleepover, eat pizza, cake & ice cream, and maybe try and watch a rated R movie on HBO through the fuzzy lines. Recently Diddy’s son turned 16, he got a Maybach. Kids are having over […]

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Simone I. Smith Lollipop Necklace

So…I told you how Simone I. Smith has THE BEST hoop earrings in the world. WELLLLL….she continues to go after my heart. My new fave Simone creation is her Lollipop charm necklace. Simone I. Smith teamed up with the American Cancer Society to introduce “A Sweet Touch of Hope.” This stylish lollipop charm will help […]

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Mariah Carey’s Shape Magazine Cover

Pregnancy weight gain is real. There’s only a handful of biatches women who magically drop the baby weight after kids. The rest of us face the task of losing the the baby weight in different ways. Grammy award winning singer Mariah Carey is no different. She gained over 60 pounds during her pregnancy. With the […]

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Cupcake ATM

I don’t like using an ATM to withdraw money. There’s just something about trusting a machine to dispense money. But, would I trust a machine to give me a scrumptous CUPCAKE? Hmm…. Maybe at 1AM if I were on a manic cupcake search after a GNO. …or if I were pregnant and craving one at […]

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Mariah’s 1st Performance Since Giving Birth

Mama Mimi!!!!!!! Just 10 months after giving birth to my niece and nephew twins Monroe and Moroccan, Mariah Carey hit the stage. Mimi performed at Caesar’s Entertainment Kicks Off “Escape to Total Rewards” at Gotham Hall in NYC. She looked great in a form fitting black gown. She performed some of my old faves,”It’s Like That,” […]

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First Pictures of Blue Ivy

Wow. Parenthood sure is bringing new parents Beyonce and Jay-Z out of their normally secluded lifestyle. First they announce their pregnancy on the MTV Awards, then Beyonce steps out 1 month post baby. Now, Jay-Z has released pics of baby Blue Ivy on his website. Glory|Life + Times. Next thing you know, we’re gonna all […]

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Beyonce’s 1st Post Baby Photo

Wowzers. Just 1 month after having baby, Blue Ivy, Beyonce makes her first public appearance. She hit her hubby’s club 40-40 for the Monday after party to his 1st Carnegie Hall performance. Party goers said Bey was out well past Blue’s bedtime. She hit the after party around midnight and left around 4AM. Good for […]

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I Love Magnolia Bakery

On a recent trip to New York, I discovered Magnolia Bakery. Finding Magnolia Bakery in LA was better news than Michael Kors opening at my local mall. Since Magnolia does featured flavors every month, I try and get by to tantalize my taste buds. For the holiday season, they are featuring mini-cupcake Christmas Ornament boxes and […]

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Mariah Is Jenny Craig Ambassador

I’ve talked about how Beyonce’s pregnancy is the great equalizer for women to see her as “human”. With all her success, beauty, and talent it was hard for Middle America to relate to the Superstar. However, being a mom allows us to see her experience the same things all moms endure with pregnancy: morning sickness, […]

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