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I Paid $76.95 For A Lunchbox?!

Bronson starts school in a few weeks so I was really excited for him to pick out a new lunchbox. Let’s put into perspective how important a lunchbox is to a kid in kindergarten. Ladies, you know how you start a new job or go out on your 1st GNO and you need that PERFECT […]

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Monika Blunder Makeup Tips

I am so not a makeup girl. When I have to doll up it somewhat resembles a 6 year old girl who got into mommy’s makeup. I’ve never bought foundation or eyeshadow. I’m a gloss and mascara kinda girl. Basically, I am cosmetically challenged. Help is here though. Celebrity makeup guru and Hot Mama of […]

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24 Hour Juice Cleanse

When I came back from vacay I brought an extra ass a few extra pounds with me. It’s not my fault. How could I say no to endless macadamia nut dishes, fresh seafood, and pineapple everything?! In addition to that my body was drained and I had trouble adjusting from the time difference. To combat […]

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Fresh Pressed Juice ATM

Smoothies are out. Fresh pressed juice is in. The latest craze in LA is juice. “Everyone” is doing it. The boys and I love it. Our addiction could be worse. Growing juicer, Kreation Juice has a juice bike, truck, kar, and 6 LA locations. They have recently added a 24 hour juice ATM to meet all […]

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PACKiT Mini Cooler

Mo and B have pretty much cruised through a year of school with their PACKiT lunchboxes. I am quite pleased they lasted this long, but my fave part is that they don’t have that funky lunchbox smell. The boys and I were super happy when PACKiT sent us 2 Mini Coolers. It has the same […]

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Fresh Pressed Juice

I love when I find new kid friendly places. Totes recently opened and it’s a great spot for everyone. They tout all fresh hand-pressed juices bottled daily. Owner Chelsea (CeCe) Vudmaska-Guttierez greeted us with a nice smile bright and early at 7:30 AM (yes, I’m an early bird). Even though Mo and B kept shouting […]

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I remember potty training Mo, basically because I didn’t have to do a thing. One day he woke up and said he wanted to start peeing in the potty. Two days and just 1 accident later he was wizzing in the The Throne. Potty training B was fairly easy also. He wanted to be like […]

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Neiman Marcus At Target

I LOVE how so many elite designers are now offering less expensive lines at chain stores. Recently, I had a field day shopping Narciso Rodriguez and Vera Wang at Kohl’s. I went bananas when Missoni hit Target shelves. Well, next up is the Neiman Marcus gift collection at Target. The retail powerhouses bring together 24 […]

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Holiday Traditions

I LOVE the Holidays!! Being a Mom gives you so much power to enact and veto holiday traditions. Kids get so excited about the holidays and I love having a festive and happy home. Our holiday traditions have been adapted from family and friends. Here’s how it goes down at our crib: ELF ON THE […]

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Veteran’s Day-Thank You For Your Service

I grew up in a military family. My dad is a retired Lt. Colonel in the United States Army. One of my best friends is a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force. My kids are growing up learning about, loving, and respecting the men and women of the military who unselfishly serve our country. […]

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