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Mo’s BFF Came Here From Syria

One year ago Mo met his BFF and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They watch movies and laugh at silly jokes together. They make outrageous YouTube videos in hopes of going viral. Mo introduced him to 2 Chainz.  His BFF taught him how to cuss in 3 languages. They play soccer, swim, ride bikes, and […]

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Kudos to Cheerios Commercial With Biracial Couple

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten teary eyed watching a commercial. Oh wait, there’s that David Beckham one in his H&M undies, but those were tears of joy. After seeing a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial couple and their mixed daughter, I must say it really moved me. Bear with me, I’m menstruating emo right […]

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Friend Diversity

I just finished Mo’s birthday invites. As I reviewed his friend list the diversity of his classmates dawned on me. His invite list looked like a UN summit: Syrian, Russian, Latino, African American, Asian, Arab and Multiracial. At the tail end of his academic year at a new school I realized just how diverse Mo’s […]

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We Are Different

Sometimes I feel I push my kids too hard. I expect a lot out of them. Good grades should be the norm. Great manners should be as natural as breathing. Being helpful around the house is expected. Maybe it’s a figment in my mind but I always tell my kids they need to work harder […]

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What President Obama Means To My Kids

I remember sitting in Social Studies class learning about the Presidents of the United States. I was so bored. I looked at the picture my teacher was showing and thought, “I can’t really relate to any of these old white haired men”. The only President I felt a remote connection with was a young, charismatic […]

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MLK Rememberance

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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High School Reunion

I just had my 20 year high school reunion. As a former class officer, I helped plan the event. I had no idea I would gain so much from the experience. It definitely made the trek from Los Angeles to Atlanta even better than the frequent flier miles earned. I was quite fortunate to go […]

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Mom Intuition Is Real

There are some things “experts” say are beneficial to our kids, and we do it. We play classical music to our unborn child because it might make them smarter. We buy them black and white toys as infants for increased visual stimulation. We put our kids in Mommy and Me class for socialization. Who knows […]

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Life Lessons From Jeremy Lin

Motherhood is all encompassing. You have to balance kids, work, school, personal life, etc. In trying to be a good mom as well as a good person, I occasionally need reminders. Here are some great pointers to pass on to my kids, but also apply in my life. And of course, I’m so happy it’s […]

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What Are You Mixed With?

I grew up in a household where race was never an issue. Although my parents were clearly different colors, no one ever mentioned it. I’m so appreciative that my parents led by example and treated everyone they encountered the same despite race. If my dad called someone a Jackazz, it had nothing to do with […]

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