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Mo In A Cast For The Third Time

For the third time in a year Mo is in a cast. The first time he was a good sport about it.  It happened in the Summer which deprived him a little bit of fun but we improvised and found some non sports related activities to do. The second time, he was DEVASTATED initially.  He […]

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Real Madrid In Dodger Stadium

When I heard soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo was coming to visit me play soccer in Los Angeles I knew I had to take Mo. Naturally, with his finesse, talent, and swag, Ronaldo is Mo’s favorite soccer player. The International Champions Cup put on a great show in Los Angeles. Real Madrid played against Everton followed by […]

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Dylan Moses- 8th Grade Football Phenom?

As a parent it’s a dream for your child to get offered a college scholarship. The parents of Dylan Moses must be elated.  Their son an 8th grader from Baton Rouge, La has already been offered EIGHT!!! The 6’1″, 215-pound 8th grader is being recruited by some of the top football programs in the nation. […]

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Clean Your Room Kobe Bryant

No matter how old we get, we all have our room or belongings at our parent’s house. For me, it would include dusty cheerleading trophies, high school love letters, and a Salt N’ Pepa poster. All worthless to most, priceless to me. If you’re talking Kobe Bean Bryant’s old room it’s another story. The 15 […]

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Summer Swimming Lessons

Warm weather is here! I love taking advantage of the California sun. Long days by the pool with the boys is the best. On our trip to Hawaii B loved hanging out in the pool and wading in the ocean waves, but he wouldn’t swim. It’s not that he COULDN’T swim, he had swimming lessons 2 […]

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Patrick Peterson Gets Tough Love

I recently talked about how I withheld Mo from a weekend of soccer due to unacceptable grades. I got mixed feedback for doing this. Some parents thought I was being over the top for disciplining my 8 year old, while others said they understood. When I heard Patrick Peterson’s story, it made me smile. Former […]

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Tough Love

Growing up good grades weren’t rewarded, they were expected. As a mom now, I feel the same. All excuses from my kids for mediocre school performance are overruled: “My teacher gives too much homework.” “Boys don’t like school like girls do.” “I’m only a kid I just want to have fun.” “My turtle ate my […]

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Redshirting For Kindergarten

With Bronson turning 5 this year and starting Kindergarten in the Fall, there has been lots of talk about Redshirting for Kindergarten. The term REDSHIRT comes from athletics. College athletes are redshirted to extend eligibility  in sports by providing an additional year for growth and maturation. They train with the team but do not compete […]

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Happy Ending Basketball Game

You hear so much about how kids bully, are disrespectful, and selfish. It’s very refreshing when you see a kid perform an act from the heart. Mitchell Marcus, a special needs student from a Texas high school scored a basket in the final game of the season after a player from the opposing team gave […]

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Dropping Buckets on Jimmy Kimmel

YouTube has discovered more stars than American Idol. One of my faves is 2 year old basketball shooting sensation Titus. Titus does upside down shots laying on a trampoline w/a pacifier in his mouth, around the corner buckets, and 7 footers. At the rate he’s going, he’ll give Mark Price and Rick Barry a run […]

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