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Bullied Grandma Bus Monitor

I’ve gotten in 1 school fight in my life. It was on the school bus. I’ll never forget it. The school bully, Crystal was picking on a younger girl named Janelle. I don’t know what came over me, but I just felt the need to intervene as Janelle sat in tears. Me and Crystal ended […]

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GA Mom Lets 10 Year Old Son Get A Tattoo

I am all for tats, but not for kids. Cobb County, Ga., mother Chuntera Napier was charged with misdemeanor child cruelty for allowing her 10 year old son, Gaquan Napier, to get a tattoo. I can respect the fact that he wanted to honor the memory of his brother, Malik who died in a car accident, but aren’t […]

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I Love Mariah On HSN

Last year I had so much fun watching Mariah Carey on HSN.  It was her 1st time showing her jewelry and clothing line. She was hilarious. The best part was when she tweeted me ( I have arrived!) during a show commercial break. @MariahCareyMariah Carey @AHotMama Thank youuu! I love the butterfly rings too!! LYM : […]

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Dream Jewelry

I love supporting mommy friends in their business ventures. I told you about yummy cake pops from Lil Bit of Love, and lollipop necklaces from mom of 4, Simone I. Smith…well now I’ve found the perfect bracelets. I will never forget being in 8th grade and trying out for cheerleading. I was realllly nervous because […]

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I Hate Commercialized Kid Places

I am not a fan of Chuck E. Cheese, Disneyland, amusement parks, indoor playgrounds, pumpkin patches, petting zoos… Basically, the list goes on and on (going to cool sporting events is exempt from this list!). If it is a commercialized place for kids, the chance of me enjoying it is prolly lower on my list […]

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Lanisha Cole Photography

I don’t really like being photographed. Candid shots with friends are fun, but sitting in front of camera and professional photographer is prolly at the same place on my list as getting a bikini wax. When I 1st moved to LA, I was with a commercial talent agency for tv commercials. That was fun, I […]

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Mom Knows Best

I have been so into the World Cup. It’s so fun watching with the boys, even little Bronson grabs a snack and sits next to me on the couch for his 3 minute attention span.

Recently, when one of the best players in the world started showing flulike symptons just day before a big game, MAMA came in to save the day.

His mom prepared a garlic based potion, and along with rest, Lionel Messi of Argentina was back on the field for soccer action.

I know a lot of you moms are shaking your head….GARLIC…Duh. Garlic is a regular in my cooking but when my kids get sick, I chop up a fresh clove in their soup. But that’s what we do, moms. When action is needed, we spring into play.

Hats of to Ms. Messi. Would have hated to miss those Argentina

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Happy Birthday To My Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday.

There would be no Hot Mama without Hot Mama’s Mama.

Wishing her a happy happy birthday!!!!!


3 Gemini and an Aries.

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Mo is really good in math.

I would like to say it’s genetic (I’m GREAT with numbers).

I think it’s more from real life situations dealing with numbers, money, and counting.

We have a new weekend tradition: BLACKJACK NIGHT!

Now, before you get all up in arms, I cannot take credit for teaching him 21. He learned it at school. I picked him up one afternoon and he didn’t wanna leave because he was engrossed in a serious battle of Blackjack with an after school teacher. They were playing for Saltine crackers and Hershey’s kisses.

To make it fun (for me), we use candy as the stakes/reward at home. We don’t bet. You are just rewarded a small “treat” when you win a hand. Once you collect 5 small treats, you can trade them in for a bigger “treat”.

I let Mo count the cards for both of us. See, this is an educational experience.

My baby is so cultured.

World Poker Tour is next!!!

The booty!

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Oops…I Did It Again

Ok, so I got a tattoo a few months ago. Big deal, right? 

It’s on my wrist. It hurt. I said I was done.

I lied.

I got 2 more.

It’s not my fault. 

Mo made me do it.

He went with me and loves the tattoo parlor (should I be alarmed?).

I got this last month. A happy face, because…well, I’M HAPPY! Truly happy for the 1st time since my glorious LSU days. Mo helped to pick it out and he even got a wash off dragon for being my helper.

I got this one a couple days ago. A butterfly with the Aries sign inside of it. The butterfly symbolizes many obvious things (I promise it has nothing to do with my undying loyalty to Mariah ;)), and the Aries sign because I’m a textbook Aries (minus all the stuff about being stubborn, quick-tempered, and impulsive).

You can kind of see both here. Look closely to see the smiley face at the nape of my neck (I know you’re admiring my kitchen accessories).

So….I’m done with the tats. I have 4. That’s my lucky number.

Guess I’ll start with the piercings now (KIDDING…just joking!)


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